Salina, the founder of Express-it-Write, holds a BSc in Applied Mathematics. Passionate about words and numbers, she used to work in the corporate banking and financial services sector where much of her work didn't stray far from writing, analysing numbers and checking documents for language accuracy. 

A grammar nazi, she no longer has to worry about offending others whenever she has the urge to correct their grammar or their writing. By chance, she discovered that there are many people out there who are looking for someone who can check and edit their written documents - plus they are willing to pay for such services too. So what better way of putting into practice what she loves doing most while getting paid for it as well? Offer paid services for her language skills, of course!

So that was how Express-it-Write was born: to offer paid services that are offshoots from writing: proofreading, editing, rephrasing/rewriting and translating. This way she can kill two birds with one stone: apply her language skills while also helping others with their written document. Could there be any sweeter deal than that?

Meticulous, committed and result-oriented, she always ensures that she produces quality work, and come rain or shine, gets it completed and delivered within deadlines,