In avoiding plagiarism, certain sentences need to be rephrased (provided of course you give proper credit to the original author by citing your sources.) 

This is where we come in. We can help you to rephrase your sentences so that it looks and sounds different, yet the meaning remains intact.

For example,

Basically, Sadaqah can be defined as the act of giving away a person’s belonging to help the needy as opposed to Waqf, since a physical object proclaimed as Waqf can only be used for the intended purpose as specified in the Waqf deed.

maybe rephrased as:

While Waqf is the utilization of a material object that is declared as such in accordance to a particular purpose as stipulated in the Waqf deed, Sadaqah, on the other hand, is totally different as the latter is fundamentally the giving away of one’s possession to help the poor. 

or re-written as:

Waqf is different from Sadaqah, essentially the giving away of one's possession to help the less fortunate, in that a material object declared as Waqf can only be used for a predetermined purpose as indicated in the Waqf deed. 

The image below shows a longer sample of our paraphrasing work. [Click on the image for a full view]

IMPORTANT: The above is just a SAMPLE. Please read our note/disclaimer on rewriting/rephrasing here.