Express it Right, Loud and Clear with Express-it-Write

Writing is not your cup of tea? 

But you so want to tell your prospects the story of your business.

You want your prospects to get to know you by sharing with them how you started your business, what challenges you met along the way, how you overcame them and get to be where you are today.

And most of all, you want to gain their trust and confidence.

But how are you going to do it on your own?

Every time you start to sit down at your desk and about to type out the words, you find that you have no idea how to begin.

So you come up with excuses to leave your desk and put off yet again the daunting task of getting your thoughts on paper.

You do the laundry, bake your favourite cake and then scrub the kitchen floor. You'd do just about anything to get your mind off writing. 

Before you know it, hours had passed by and you're too exhausted to even think about writing.

If this sounds like you, then you need help.

This is where we come in. 

At Express-it-Write, we care so much about writing that we make it our business to write stories about you and your business.

Crafting words that will draw your readers' attention and keep them engaged forms part of our business.

We are aware that not everybody has the time or the patience to craft words that exactly express what they mean.

Shaping words that draw attention, with the tagline, Express it Right, Loud & Clear as our guiding principle, we make it a point to create an accurately written piece that is compelling and engaging that resonate with your readers.

What services do we provide?

We cater our writing, proofreading, translation, and paraphrasing services to business owners, authors, and publishers, as well as to students, and academicians.

Who are our clients?

💁 For business owners, we offer the following services,
  • Writing: company profiles, web contents, blog posts, brochures, newsletters, emails, ghostwriting, etc.
  • English-Malay Translation: advertisement boards, banners, web contents, blog posts, survey forms, etc.
  • Proofreading: web contents, business documents, and other related documents

👥For undergraduate and post-graduate students, academicians and researchers alike, we provide the following services,
  • Proofreading & Editing: thesis, dissertation, research papers, book manuscripts, assignments, etc.
  • Malay-English Translations: thesis, dissertation, research papers, personal statements, cover letters, resumes
  • Writing: personal statements, cover letters,
  • Paraphrasing: We provide paraphrasing service but to a certain extent. Click here for our condition on paraphrasing.

So whenever you are in need of solutions to your writing problems you can talk to us. You can call or whatsapp or email us, whichever is convenient to you. 

Let us work together so that we can help you express your message right, loud and clear.