5 & More Fantastic Reasons To Choose Us

1. Our tagline Express It Right, Loud & Clear says it all.
We aim to express your message with accuracy and clarity that will grab your readers' attention and pique their interest. 
When your message is written correctly, that is compelling and straight to the point, it is easily understood and makes it more interesting to read.
For promotional text, this means prospects will be attracted to read your words and thus, have a higher likelihood that they will buy your products or services. 
For academic papers, you get to score a better grade when your ideas and arguments are well-executed in a clear and compelling manner.

2. We are backed by a team of committed and reliable professionals. 
We do not outsource our jobs to others. We realize that outsourcing would only put our reputation at stake and compromise the quality of our services.
We have an internal network of associates to assist us when we have to meet tight deadlines.
But ultimately the copy will still have to go through our final checking before clearance is given to release the completed documents to you.

3. We are 100% accountable and deliver what we promise.
We are 100% accountable for any job entrusted to us and if you have any issues that need to be addressed you will be attended to promptly and personally by Salina, the key person behind EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE

4. We share your goal and we will work with you to the best of our ability to ensure a job well-done, delivered on time.
We tailor our services according to your needs (provided that it's legit, of course).
And we are stringent about meeting deadlines without compromising on the quality.
Because we believe a job well done and delivered on time makes for a happy client.

5. Express-it-Write is a registered business with The Companies Commission of Malaysia.
Set up in 2011, the business was officially registered in 2016.
We are registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia as
Expressit Write Services [SSM Reg. No. 002525671-M].

6. We never missed deadlines.
Thus far, we have sent out completed documents either before or on the day the job fell due. Our work has never been overdue.
That is why we never over promise for fear that we would under deliver. You can be assured that once we pledge to finish a job by the due date, we would be sure to deliver it as promised.

7. Your documents will always be kept private & confidential.
No part of your documents will be revealed to any third party.
As a business that insists on integrity and professionalism, we have high regard for our clients.
Thus, we take great care in ensuring that your details and documents remain private and confidential at all times.