What They Say About My Writing

“On behalf of the Sarawak Bloggers community, I’d like to welcome you as a Prime Blogger in Sarawak Bloggers. I am pleased to upgrade your status to Prime as you have not only met our requirements, but also show a very good and original blogging style. Congratulations!”
~ Cyril Dason of Sarawak Bloggers

“Hello! I read your blog and hey ur writing not bad! Why don't u just send a letter to women’s or lifestyle mags or newspapers and tell them your interest and let them know of your blog. Who knows.. they might just want to take you in coz I think you have talent.
Give it a try Lina… u never know.” ~ Roziana Hamsawi, ex-NST journalist

“I have been following all your blogs and really enjoy them.” ~ Roslan Eckhardt

“I really enjoy reading your rambling. You do have a knack expressing yourself in a funny way. I hope you continue on blogging. I may ask for your help in writing up.” ~ Tari Bestari

“Dear Joeina, you write very well. I am so impressed... I just thought I’d say hello, keep up the good writing – I am truly fascinated by your skill and precision. Cheers!” – 9.1.2007
~ Bahamut, fellow blogger & ex-Malay Mail columnist

“Super blog this one – very entertaining read! but not for the light-hearted.” – 19.7.2010
~ Joseph Archibald, an American blogger

“Btw... mmg suka tulisan2 you... Sedih, kelakar, informative,... semua ada! I wish I could write as good as you! Don't stop! Yr writing inspired me and I am sure it will inspire others too!" - 2016
~ Sabrina Rafie, a fan