Proofreading, Editing and Translation by EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE: A Welcome Note

Welcome to  EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE

where our tagline is Express it Right, Loud & Clear

Struggling to write a piece that is grammatically correct, that conveys the right message and is straight to the point?

Do you need someone to proofread your thesis, research paper, assignment, resume, personal statement or business proposal? 

Or maybe you need someone who can do Malay-English translation and vice versa?

Or are you looking for a writer for your web/blog contents and business profile?

If so, you've landed on the right page. 

This is what we are set out to do - to help you create an accurate, compelling and clear piece of writing that reach out to your audience.

Services available at EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE:
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* except for academic writing

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So, let's start to express it right, loud and clear for help is near. 

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Whether you are a student who is about to submit your thesis to your college professor or a business that wants to submit your promotional copy for print, you may need someone else to check your writing as a final step before submitting your work.

Most times, no matter how good your writing is, you still need a second pair of eyes to zoom in on your work to ensure that you have crossed all your t’s and dotted all your i’s, and even beyond such oversight. And is usually the case, while writing you may also have doubts about the correct form of words to use or the correct spelling to apply.

Yes, there is a difference between confident and confidence or confirm and conform.

In proofreading your document, we check and weed out the following:
  • grammatical mistakes
  • spelling errors
  • incorrect punctuation
  • wrong word usage

But bear in mind that we offer strictly proofreading service only if your paper is written in reasonably good English in which the content is easily comprehensible that we don't have to second guess your message. Otherwise, we would recommend that you go for our 2-in-1 service of copyediting and proofreading.

Copyediting involves rephrasing and restructuring of certain sentences to improve the flow and clarity of your writing. For this 2-in-1 package, proofreading will only be performed once the editing stage has been completed.

In both cases, whenever we edit your manuscript the track changes feature of Microsoft Word will be activated to facilitate you in keeping track of the changes made.

The following is an example of a text excerpt that has undergone our copyediting and proofreading process. The sentences have been restructured to give clarity and flow.

Our Rates 

  • Proofreading only: RM25-38 per 1000 words.
  • Copyediting & Proofreading: RM35-50 per 1000 words.

Besides word count, the rate also depends on the complexity and technicality of the text as well as the expected turnaround time.

Please click here for more samples.

EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE also offers the following services:

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Need to translate your reference material or your own written work from Malay to English or vice versa?

Then look no further. EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE is here to help you. We translate Malay-English language pairing and ensure that your message gets to be expressed as you intended, clearly and effectively.

Worried about translations that sound stilted and awkward? 

Rest assured, if you hire us to do the translation for you, we will take great care in ensuring that the translation done is based on the context and tone of voice of the source copy.

We aim to produce a translated piece that is accurate so that people who read them would never have guessed that it was a product of translation.

So get the worry out of your mind and hire us to do the translation for you.

Sedang mencari penterjemah untuk teks Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris anda?

Tidak perlu mencari lagi. EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE sentiasa ada untuk membantu. Kami akan pastikan teks hasil terjemahan oleh kami adalah sentiasa tepat, jelas dan berjaya menyampaikan makna ssperti dalam teks asal.

Bimbang akan hasil terjemahan yang kurang tepat dan gagal menyampaikan maksud sebenar?

Jangan risau. Serahkan tugas penterjemahan kepada EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE. Kami akan sentiasa pastikan hasil terjemahan bersesuaian dengan konteks dan lenggok bahasa yang ada pada teks asal.

Kami berazam untuk menghasilkan kerja terjemahan yang betul dan tepat yang sukar untuk dibezakan dari teks asal.


Translation Language: English-Malay-English

Translation Rate: RM100-300 for every 1000 words.


Other services: writingproofreading & paraphrasing.

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Have tons of ideas but no clue on how to get them down in writing?

Or do you need help in organizing a jumble of thoughts that have been cluttering your mind? 

Then, let us be the one to provide solutions to your writing woes. 

After all, writing is part of our portfolio. 

All you need to do is contact us and share with us your ideas or whatever writing distress that is troubling you.

We will work it out from there. 

While weighing your options check out below the kind of writing services we offer.
  • promotional writeups
  • company profiles
  • web contents
  • blog contents
  • ghostwriting - articles, books, etc.
  • personal statements
  • cover letters

Once you have made up your mind to use our service, feel free to communicate to us the kind of help you require for your writing project.

We will do our level best to accommodate you based on your writing needs.

The only caveat to our writing service though, we do not provide any academic writing services in whatever size, shape or form.

Our writing rate: RM300-500 per 1000 words 

Besides writing, we also provide proofreading, translation & paraphrasing services. 

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5 Fantastic Reasons To Choose Us

1. Our tagline Express It Right, Loud & Clear says it all.
We aim to express your message with accuracy and clarity to convey your message as intended. 

For academic papers, it means a higher chance for you to score a better grade when your ideas and arguments are well-executed in a clear and compelling manner.

2. We are 100% accountable and deliver what we promise.
We are 100% accountable for any job entrusted to us and if you have any issues that need to be addressed you will be attended to promptly and personally by the owner/manager of EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE

3. We share your goal and we will work with you to the best of our ability to ensure a job well-done, delivered on time.
We tailor our services according to your needs (provided that it's legit, of course).
And we are stringent about meeting deadlines without compromising on the quality.
Because we believe, a job well done and delivered on time makes for a happy client.

4. Express-it-Write is a registered business with The Companies Commission of Malaysia.
Set up in 2011, the business was officially registered in 2016.
We are registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia as
Expressit Write Services [SSM Reg. No. 002525671-M].

5. Your documents will always be kept private & confidential.
No part of your documents will be revealed to any third party.
As a business that insists on integrity and professionalism, we have high regard for our clients.
Thus, we take great care in ensuring that your details and documents remain private and confidential at all times.